COVID19 Response


Independent Consultant- Covid-19 epidemiology research for the Independent Panel on Pandemic Preparedness and Response (commissioned group by WHO DG)

Recent work:

// President Elect Biden Campaign– safe re-opening of schools; worked on writing health policy for the campaign w/ Dr. Ingrid Katz; Media coverage:

// Confronting COVID-19: Science, History, Policy (Gen Ed 1170) (Fall-Winter 2020); I worked as a research assistant to Dr. Ingrid Katz and Professor Allan Brandt for the Harvard College course: Link:

// Massachusetts state COVID19 response: I worked as a medical fellow to Commissioner Monica Bharel at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (Feb 2020-Oct 2020).

// I am a reviewer at the CDC Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal where I have been reviewing a number of outbreak investigation studies from around the world.

// Contributor at NPR for Covid19 FAQs ( from March 2020- current;

// Other press coverage has included: NBC, ABC, BBC, CBC, PBS, CBS, MSNBC, WSJ, CNN, CGTN, The Atlantic, New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Forbes, ESPN, Bloomberg, TMZ, ProPublica, Fox, The Verge, Politico, Mother Jones, Scientific American, AP, DemocracyNow, Boston Globe,, WBUR, GBH, STAT News, Slate, NowThis, Newsweek, WebMD, Elite Daily, MTV News, Medium, The Hill, Business Insider, Healthline, Vice, Vox, Quartz, Science Friday, Self, Healthline, Curbed, The Cut, Harvard Public Health Magazine (cover story Spring 2020). (See Press tab for links)

// I have been providing clinical care at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, both in the emergency department and on the clinical wards, where I have treated a number of COVID19 cases.

COVID19- related publications (updated as of Dec 23rd, 2020)

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